A Distributed Database

Product Profile

Based on the self-developed distributed kernel, SequoiaDB supports multi-mode data processing across structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, and provides access to trillion-scale data through real-time SQL query with over 10,000 concurrent connections allowed. It is suitable for historical data platforms, full data platforms, real-time data middle platforms and other service scenes that use massive multi-modal data for customer service to optimize business efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Service Scenes


Real-time Data Lake

SequoiaDB builds the Real-time Data Lake to enable effective integration of traditional operational data stores (ODS) and data lakes. The Real-time Data Lake delivers higher concurrency and better horizontal scaling for more data types while ensuring data flexibility at the same time.


Real-time Data Middle Platform Base

SequoiaDB is built on a self-developed distributed architecture that supports separating storage and computing for flexible scaling, high performance, and massive concurrency. The sharable, safe and stable Real-time Data Middle Platform Base supports numerous applications.

Product Features


Supporting multi-mode data processing of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data

Multi-master nodes supported by each engine, and database scaling for reading and writing performance can be achieved as required online

Helping enterprises reduce migration risks and the learning cost of R&D personnel and improve migration efficiency

Serial Time Protocol

4096 data nodes distributed linearly and horizontally with the runtime error maintained stably below 500us between nodes

Compared with GTM and TSO, STP effectively solves the bottleneck of single processing in global transaction management and clock management

Patented clock protocol requiring no NTP and thus reducing the difficulty in system management

Data Security

Supporting 3 to 7 configuration copies for different business scenarios

Providing unique data recovery service to avoid business losses caused by accident data deletion

Auditing data trails with clear and traceable records for system compliance

Product Architecture

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