Financial-grade Distributed Relational Database

SequoiaDB is a financial-grade distributed relational database that features in horizontal scalability, high concurrency and high availability. The self-developed native distributed storage engine fully supports ACID and most common SQL interfaces, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and SparkSQL.
SequoiaDB is suitable for: applications such as core online transaction, data center, content management and other application scenarios.

Technical Features
SequoiaDB is 100% compatible with MySQL, and the data in MySQL can be easily migrated to SequoiaDB.
Financial-grade Distributed OLTP
SequoiaDB fully supports distributed transactions, strong consistency and high availability through multiple replicas to meet the needs of distributed transaction business logic.
Distributed Architecture
With native distributed architecture and Petabyte-level horizontal scalability, SequoiaDB can effectively respond to massive data growth.
Multi-model Data Engine
Multi-model data storage engine supports unified management of multiple types of data under a cloud-based architecture.
HTAP – Hybrid Transactional / Analytical Processing
Physical isolation of online transaction and offline analysis without interference.
Data Security and Disaster Recovery
No single point of failure, the engine of SequoiaDB natively supports multi-data center disaster recovery mechanism.
System Architecture
Enterprise-class Solutions

SequoiaDB supports distributed online transaction service, its core capabilities include horizontal scalability of distributed architecture, high concurrency and high performance of data access, continuous online business, autonomous control, and data security.

Distributed Online Transaction Service
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The data lake solution based on SequoiaDB has the following core capabilities: high performance and real-time data access, massive online data life cycle, and continuous business expansion.

Data Lake Solution
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The content management platform based on SequoiaDB has following capabilities: multi-model unstructured data management, massive real-time online data, rich content management functions, continuous business development, and etc.

Content Management
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