Enterprise Content Management Software

SequoiaCM (Sequoia Content Manager) is a content management system based on a new generation of distributed architecture. It perfectly solves the challenges faced by large and medium-sized enterprises in storing and managing a large amount of unstructured data. It’s the best solution for building a new generation of enterprise content management platform.

Business Value
Effectively respond to the explosive growth of information
SequoiaCM's native distributed architecture supports on-demand horizontal scalability as required, ensuring enterprises' full content data are continuously accessible online. SequoiaCM also supports data partition management by policies to improve the efficiency of massive data management.
Data security and reliability
SequoiaCM supports on-site and off-site disaster recovery to ensure the security and reliability of enterprise data.
Simplifies operation, maintenance and improves management efficiency
SequoiaCM enables unified storage and management of content data and metadata. Database and content storage devices are no longer decentralized, which greatly simplifies the operation and maintenance difficulty and improves management efficiency.
Significantly reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
SequoiaCM storage layer utilizes resource pooling, which greatly reduces hardware cost, system operation, and maintenance cost. TCO is only 1/3 of traditional ECM products.
Technical Features
Distributed architecture
SequoiaCM data storage and content service layer are distributed architecture that supports elastic horizontal scaling and flexibility to accommodate a wide range of business needs.
Unified management of content/metadata
SequoiaCM provides a multi-model data storage engine that supports unified storage and management of content data and metadata.
Flexible deployment model
SequoiaCM supports a variety of deployment methods, either centralized deployment or off-site distributed deployment.
Disaster recovery
SequoiaCM supports on-site and off-site disaster recovery to ensure data security and reliability.
Content management core features
SequoiaCM provides batch management, version management, workflow management, access control, break-point re-transmission, full-text search and etc.
Multiple protocol support
SequoiaCM supports Amazon S3 and POSIX file system protocols with a richer storage layer interface.
Function Architecture